Free Download AffiliateWP v2.5.1 Latest Version [With Addons]

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin Free Download

AffiliateWP Latest Version Free Download – AffiliateWP is the best affiliate management plugin exclusively designed for WordPress. It allows you to create a complete affiliate program easily and helps you to manage affiliates, payouts, referrals, etc. directly from your WordPress dashboard. AffiliateWP plugin automatically creates an Affiliate page just after the installation of the plugin into your WordPress. You can also create this page manually by inserting a [affiliate_area] shortcode in the page content area. Affiliate area page allows users to register or login to your affiliate program. After logging in, users can generate referral URL, check statistics, add payment info, and lots of other things. In simple words, the affiliate area is a professionally designed dashboard for your affiliates.

AffiliateWP provides almost every option to manage your affiliate program. You can add, edit, delete, and check their other details from the affiliates page of this plugin. This plugin also allows you to integrate with all popular WordPress plugins and payment options at one click. AffiliateWP referral tracking system is highly advanced and accurate. You can also set the cookie expiration time for the referral tracking cookie using this plugin. To increase AffiliateWP plugin functionality, There are 16 free and 14 official pro addons. These add-ons add more features and functionalities into this plugin. Overall, AffiliateWP is number #1 and a well-built affiliate management plugin for WordPress users.

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Main Features of AffiliateWP – Affiliate Management Plugin for WordPress

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Advanced referral tracking
  • Integrated payout service
  • Real-time referral, visits, earning reporting
  • Integrates fully with all popular WordPress plugins
  • Unlimited Affiliates support
  • Affiliate coupons
  • Easy affiliate management
  • Manual affiliate approval
  • The professionally designed affiliate area
  • Referral link generator
  • Set cookie expiration time
  • Shortcode for login and registration page
  • Custom notification mails
  • Detailed payout logs
  • Performance friendly
  • 30+ addons (Pro and Free)

Sales Page of AffiliateWP v2.5.1 – Affiliate Management Plugin for WordPress

What’s News in AffiliateWP v2.5.1 (Changelog)

  • Fixed: Avoid notices in the Affiliate Area due to incorrectly passing arguments to a deprecated filter
  • Fixed: Add missing support for the search parameter on the affiliates/ REST endpoint
  • New: Introduce a Sales tab in Reports + an API for tracking sales generated by affiliates
  • Improved: Implement Support for Help Tooltips in Reporting Dashboard
  • Fixed: Category archive permalink doesn’t resolve affiliate link in pretty format
  • Fixed: Affiliates search terms should be stripped of extra spaces
  • Dev: Refactor how integrations are loaded to enable one-off instantiation of integration classes
  • Customer meta table no longer storing more than one relationship between customer and affiliate.
  • Fixed Sometimes unable to run upgrade routine in the admin.
  • Updated a formal German translation to use the correct number of specifiers.
  • And some other minor improvements and UI changes.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.5.1 Latest Version With Pro Addons

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